Europass is a service shared across Europe and is made up of five documents designed to help learners highlight their qualifications in an effective way to prospective employers and higher/further education providers across Europe.


It is free and enables people to present their competencies, skills, and abilities in a clear, understandable way,  removing the barriers sometimes faced when applying for jobs or continuing education abroad. VTCT is among the first UK awarding organisations to launch the Europass Certificate Supplement.

With more and more learners using their qualifications to work outside the UK, the introduction of Europass as a tool to make qualifications easier to understand across international systems is welcomed by employers, continuing education providers and learners.

The Europass Documents

The introduction of the Europass Certificate Supplement means that additional information about the skills candidates have gained through completing their VTCT qualifications can be easily obtained and fully understood by employers or education providers in Europe. The Europass Certificate Supplement is beneficial to all parties; helping employers pick the best candidate for their vacancy and allowing the learners to broaden their employability prospects.

To download your Europass certificate enter your Qualification Number (QN) in the box below. You can find your Qualification Number on your VTCT certificate.

Two documents are freely accessible to be completed by European citizens:
  • the Curriculum Vitae helps learners present their skills and qualifications effectively.
  • the Language Passport is a self-assessment tool for language skills and qualifications.
Three documents are issued by education and training authorities:
  • the Europass Mobility records the knowledge and skills acquired in another European country
  • the Europass Certificate Supplement describes the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of vocational education and training certificates
  • the Europass Diploma Supplement describes the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of higher education degrees.