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Next steps in Hair

The next step in your Hairdressing Career

So, you’ve completed your Hairdressing training, you’re in a job you enjoy and putting your skills into action every day. But if you’re wondering how you can make more money as a hairdresser, learn more skills and raise your profile, we have some tips here to help you take your hairdressing career to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for extra qualifications to add more treatments or services to your repertoire, higher-level study to enhance your prospects, or business skills to set up on your own, we have a range of options to suit you. We also answer some of the frequently asked questions about progressing in the hairdressing industry and throw in some career advice to help you make the most of your career journey.

“The support and training I was given made a lasting impression on me and I decided to pursue a career in Teaching and Assessing” Sarah, Salon Franchisee and Educator

“With so many different career options available to learners after they complete their apprenticeship, it’s one of the best ways for a young person to get a foothold in what could be a career for life. A Stylist, Beauty Therapist, Barber, Artist or Educator – the world is their oyster.Tina, Managing Director, Saks Apprenticeships

“I’m always inspired by other hair professionals and the vast opportunity within the industry. I love the continuous amount of CPD available across a wide range of topics so you can always be inspired by something new that you can then add to your own skillset and toolbox.” Holly, Business Owner and Educator

How do I grow my Hairdressing business?

One of the main benefits of a career as a Hairdresser has to be the ability to be flexible, and work from multiple locations. It’s a perfect career choice if you want to be your own boss and run a business. Whether that’s a salon, a mobile hairdressing service or a training school, VTCT qualifications can help you get set for success.

Qualifications such as the VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Salon Management allow you to move up to become a salon manager.

If what you really want is your own business then planning, finance, marketing and building business relationships are all covered in our VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Preparing to Set up a New Business

Teaching others can be rewarding too, and the VTCT Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training qualification will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to teach, and develop a range of personal qualities and attributes required for teaching, assessing and supporting learners.



What is the highest-paid job in the Hairdressing industry?

There are some very glamorous jobs to be had in hairdressing, tending to celebrities, personal stylist to high net worth clients etc., however, it’s worth mentioning that those are few and far between!

There are ways you can get closer to this side of the industry, moving in to film and television or theatre work, for example, or styling for fashion shows. Creating a portfolio of your work, putting yourself out there online and networking can help you make connections that could be career enhancing.

Of course, another option is to set up your own blog, YouTube or TikTok channel to showcase your work. This requires another kind of skill set altogether and it can take a long time to grow a community that could be lucrative for you. But there are opportunities to learn the skills and share your passion for the industry you work in.



How do I set up my own Hairdressing business?

The first thing to consider when starting your own business is creating a Business Plan. This will be your overall plan for how you will set up and run your business, including where it will be run, how it will be financed and your business goals.

From there, you will need to consider other factors including staffing, marketing, insurance, product range to mention just a few.

The NHBF have created a useful guide to help you get started, which you can find here.


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