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Look Back on the Ask the Expert Apprenticeship Twitter Q&A

On the 22 June 2017, VTCT held an Ask the Expert Question and Answer session with our Apprenticeship Manager Lynda Whitehorn. The session offered support to employers and training centres who are looking at running the new Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standards.

The two- hour session attracted a great audience on Twitter. However if you missed it, below is a transcript, with all the questions and answers.

Please note that this session took place in 2017, therefore some of the information may now be out of date. For the latest information on Apprenticeships, please visit the Apprenticeships section


  • 13:00 – 1. Welcome to the first #VTCT Twitter Q&A session #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:00 – 2. For the next two hours we are running an Ask the Expert Q&A with Apprenticeship Manager Lynda Whitehorn #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:01 – 3. To get things started we will be answering questions that have already come in from our Qualification Conferences #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:06 – Can apprentices re-sit EPA to gain a higher grade if they have achieved a pass grade? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:06 – A. Yes they can, but it will be charged at the original fee #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:12 – Q. When will apprentices know their EPA result? On the day? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:13 – A. Results will be released 48 hours after the End Point Assessment #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:23 – Q. Who pays for the resources and materials for the EPA? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:23 – A. Products and towels etc. for End Point Assessment will be supplied by the employer/training provider #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:27 – Q. @VTCT_uk Will students still need to do their assignments and external papers?
  • 14:33 – A. Apprentices must complete on-programme, portfolio & examinations, prior to EPA #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:43 – Q. What level of functional skills are apprentices expected to achieve? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:46 – A(pt1). Apprentice must achieve one of the following prior to booking EPA: GCSE grade 4/C or above (equivalent)…
  • 13:47 – A(pt2)…Functional Skills L2, Functional Skills L1 and sat tests for L2 #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:56 – Q. What are the VTCT’s EPA costs? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 13:56 – A. Base fee for 1-3 apprentices; hair £1000, barbering £700. £150 for every additional apprentice up to 8 in total #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:04 – Q. Is there a reason for high cost EPA when other providers’ EPA exams are approx. £100? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:04 – A. Government recommended 10/12% of funding #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:14 – Q. If on current L2 apprenticeship do they progress onto the new standards for L3? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:15 – A. No, onto L3 SASE framework until senior hair professional is approved #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:21 – Q. When will SASE frameworks be switched off? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:22 – A. L2 Hair and L2 & L3 barbering registration will stop 31/03/2018 #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:29 – Q. If a learner completes L2 hair can they still get funding for L2 barbering? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:30 – A. If you can prove the difference in the learning aim (different skill set) then possibly yes #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:34 – Q. What happens if a learner fails their EPA? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:34 – A. They can re-sit End Point Assessment charged at original fee #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:39 – Q. How soon can they re-sit EPA and how many time? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:39 – A. 28 day period before they can re-sit EPA but must show development between EPAs
  • 14:47 – Q. What happens if they fail both the EPA and the exam, who pays? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:47 – A. Payment lies with employer/training provider #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:52 – Q. What is the current rate of pay for apprentices? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:52 – A. £3.50 per hr – if they’re either: aged under 19 or aged 19/0ver and in first year of an apprenticeship #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:54 – Q. What are the employer minimum wage requirements? #VTCTAskLynda
  • 14:55 – A. Min wage by age: 25 and over – £7.50; 21 to 24 – £7.05; 18 to 20 – £5.60; under 18 – £4.05; apprentice – £3.50 #VTCTAskLynda
  • 15:00 – 1. That’s a wrap. Thank you to all those who had submitted questions, we hope you found this session useful #VTCTAskLynda
  • 15:01 – 2. In the meantime take a look at the apprenticeship pages of the VTCT website bit.ly/2o9eQFt #VTCTAskLynda

We hope that this transcript is of use for you and if you continue to have any questions please do send them into us at communications@vtct.org.uk.

You can find out more information on the Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standards on the apprenticeship section of our website here

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