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Myth busting: Are apprenticeships right for you?

There are many myths around apprenticeships, when in reality, an apprenticeship may benefit you more than heading to university. Here are some common misconceptions about apprenticeships you may not know…

Apprentices are poorly paid
As it stands, the national minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.50 per hour; while this does not sound like much, you will find that many employers pay much more than this and you could end up with up to £200 a week!

Apprenticeships are for “high achievers”
It is thought that apprenticeships are only for those who have not gone to university. This is not true. With an increasing number of young people choosing apprenticeships instead of applying to go to university. This route is open to everyone with a range of career paths, from GCSE leaver up to degree level.

Apprenticeships are for manual industries
This was once the case; now there are apprenticeships in over 1,500 occupations across 170 industries, many of which are important areas of specialism in our modern economy.  Some examples of modern apprenticeships including digital, healthcare and beauty.

Apprentices are only given the stuff employees do not want to do
Apprenticeships are full time, paid jobs, with training included and many renowned companies offer them. According to research from the Department for Education, a quarter of former apprentices secured a promotion within 12 months of qualifying.

University students have better career prospects
Despite what you might think, the average retention rate for apprentices and school leavers currently sits above 90%. It’s also reported that apprentices see their peer equivalents struggle to find a job with competition among graduates increasing.

If you are considering joining an apprenticeship scheme, make sure you research the company you’re interested in, understand who the Apprenticeship Awarding Organisation is, and what their retention and training packages include.

Find out more about the apprenticeships that VTCT offers here.

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