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VTCT cautiously welcomes Government’s plans to give vocational training an equal footing

Today’s announcement from Theresa May on a proposed year-long independent review of fees and student finance has been cautiously welcomed by VTCT.

The current education funding system places a strong emphasis on higher education learning, with streamlined and well-detailed funding options available for prospective students. The same cannot be said for those learners who wish to pursue a vocational or technical training course and this has led to a two-tiered system for academic learning.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement, Alan Woods OBE, CEO of Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) said:

“Higher and further education funding is causing a multitude of issues, and we cautiously welcome the Government’s pledge to carry out an independent review. However, there is still a lack of focus on the needs of further education learners and the benefits which vocational and technical training provides to businesses and the wider economy. The Prime Minster today has noted that the route into further technical and vocational training is confusing, and for many of our VTCT learners across the country, this confusion often presents a real barrier to furthering their career aspirations.

“We would like to see the review focus on creating an education system which balances the strengths of both higher and further education, and this will be a real litmus tests of the Government’s commitments to increasing the number of skills-based learners, enabling variety for higher education learners, and supporting apprentices.”

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