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Hair Professional – Hairdressing & Barbering (L2)

Hair Professional (Hairdressing & Barbering)
Apprenticeship L2

There are two distinctly different job roles within this apprenticeship: Hairdresser and Barber.

Hairdressers will be able to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using a range of techniques, style and finish hair to create variety of looks, and colour and lighten hair for ladies and men. Barbers will be able to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using barbering techniques, style and finish hair, cut facial hair into shape and provide shaving services for men.

Hairdressers and barbers must be able to work with all hair types ranging from straight hair to very curly, wiry hair. They also need to be able to carry out consultations with clients, demonstrate the professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills and safe working practices associated with their role and be able to work without supervision to a high level of precision, with exceptional client care skills.

To access the Standard and Assessment plan for this Apprenticeship in England,
please download from the Institute for Apprenticeships.

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Resources and documentation

This Apprenticeship includes the mandatory completion of a Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professionals (Hairdressing/Barbering).

The following VTCT qualifications are available to support the delivery of this apprenticeship.

In addition to being a leading Awarding Organisation, VTCT is also an End-point Assessment Organisation that offers a fair, consistent and reliable End-point Assessment.

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On 14th June 2023, we held a Level 2 Hairdressing Professional & Barbering Professional Standard Webinar.

If you missed the webinar, or would like to watch it back, you can do so via this link.

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