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Hairdressing & Barbering

A new kind of Apprenticeship

Exploring your resources

We are certain you've thought about the career you want to pursue, maybe you've been thinking about it for quite some time. We've included a Career Pathway to show you the different types of jobs you can do in this industry. There are so many options available to you after you complete your apprenticeship.

As we have stated before, there is a lot of information to consider as you start this journey. There's also information for your parents/guardians to consider, talk to them about this decision.

Please look through these resources to see how you can best prepare for your apprenticeship experience - it can be whatever you make it! There are so many opportunities ahead of you. Please reach out if you feel you have questions that haven't been answered or if you are unsure about something. In collaboration with your training provider and employer, we are here to help you succeed. You can always contact customer support at +44 (0)23 8068 4500 or customersupport@vtct.org.uk.