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Pivot Point

VTCT is pleased to announce the launch of an enhanced version of the Pivot Point online education platform, which now includes the resources of MHD.

The enhanced bundle

Get information and watch a video on Pivot Point’s official page and see for yourself why this enhanced bundle is the right step for you and your learners.

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What is Pivot Point?

Pivot Point is an innovative online learning resource and a complete training programme mapped to and fully supportive of a number of VTCT level 2 and 3 hairdressing qualifications.

In September 2017 we gave you access as part of the learner registration at no extra cost.

Now we’ve added further resources developed by the MHD Academy, which expand our cover of hairdressing, barbering and beauty therapy qualifications.


The following is included as part of the package:

  • Access to over 400 videos giving a range of practical demonstrations
  • Almost 950 downloadable pdfs, including 388 teaching and learning activities (worksheets) for leaners
  • 16 e-books with over 1000 page of content covering 14 topics
  • 19 topic plans (schemes of work) for teachers and assessors
  • 20 slide presentations for use in the classroom.

Bolting on this one stop solution will revolutionise the way in which VTCT level 2 and 3 hairdressing qualifications are delivered. It upgrades the standard qualification to an enhanced offering and meets FELTAG requirements.

Click here for a full list of VTCT Hairdressing and Barbering qualifications that include access to Pivot Point as part of the registration fee from 1st September 2017*.

VTCT Centres that decide to start working with the Pivot Point programme will receive all of the mapping documents needed to implement the programme efficiently and effectively. This will reduce the burden on the training organisation and makes for a winning solution where the learner benefits greatly.

* please note – offer as part of registration fee is only applicable in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland  

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