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Performance Table Qualifications (PTQ) Adaptations 2021-22

The webinar for the launch of the 2021-22 academic year adaptations for Performance Table Qualifications was held on 6th October 2021.

You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to this webinar.


How long will authorisation for requested adaptations take?

We aim to process the applications as quickly as possible once we have completed the checking process and made sure that we have all of the information that we need to make a decision. Please take the time to check that you have completed the forms correctly as this may cause delays in VTCT being able to approve your application.

How long will authorised adaptations remain in place for?

Centres will need to submit an application for units/assessment components for each assessment series because these are time-bound adaptations.

Please complete the application form with the full detail of what you are proposing. We encourage you to communicate with us if your needs change or you need to extend the period for remote supervision.

I don’t have a Head of Centre. Can a tutor sign the adaptations form?

No, unfortunately, you cannot sign this as a tutor. The form needs to be signed by the Headteacher or Principal, or a member of the senior management team at your centre.

Can I request an extension to an exam date?

The key dates document sets out the weeks when learners are able to take their exams and VTCT will continue to monitor the need to provide additional opportunities for learners to complete their examinations. The next main assessment series for learners is January 2022 and we would encourage you to utilise the adaptations available to you, such as remote invigilation.

Do I need to list everyone in my group on the application form?

Centres are required to list each of the names of the learners for whom they are making and application for adaptation. VTCT will check the names listed against those in the schedule.

It may cause delays in being able to process the application if not all names are listed or there is no information in the rationale to explain why the adaptation is not needed for the whole group. For example, 15 with remote supervision but 27 on the schedule.

My learners do not have access to computers at home. How can they do exams remotely?

Centres will submit an application to VTCT requesting approval to implement remote invigilation for external examinations.

The application will require centres to demonstrate that they have ensured all learners have access to technology to support the online platforms/systems and that no learner will be disadvantaged due to their socioeconomic circumstances or geographical location.

If this is not possible, then VTCT will be able to support the centre with other existing flexibilities within our adaptation toolkit.

Can my learners take a Paper 2 exam in the January exam week?

Yes. For this academic year, VTCT has removed the restrictions on which external examinations learners can undertake in each assessment series. (Previously Paper 2 was not available in the first exam window of the academic year.)

We trust that you know your learners best and enter learners to take their exams when they are ready.

We are restricting learner numbers per class. Can some of them take the exam on one day and others take it on another day in an exam week?

Unfortunately not. The controls are still in place for all learners at a centre to take the same examination on the same day and at the same time.

We can support centres to have different sittings of the same exam paper, where learners are kept in separately until they have completed the exam. Centres will need to complete an Assessment Date Variation Form and submit it to VTCT for approval. More information about this can be found on page 3 of the Key dates document.

I have used remote supervison to complete an assignment but not made an application. What should I do?

Please submit an application, informing us that you have completed assessments remotely without authorisation. We will then be able to review your application and work with you to process it to support your learners.

Do you provide guidance and evidence adaptations for assessment?

If there are more lockdowns or learners need to isolate, can they work remotely?

Will I still have an EQA visit if there is another lockdown?

Typically, the PTQs have 2 EQA visits each academic year. We expect that due to the changing landscape these may be held remotely. However, our colleagues in Quality Assurance will share specific information about the EQA process in due course.

Does the service portfolios adaptation mean that learners do not need to complete the full range in the unit?

Assuming that this is relating to a Beauty or Hair TLQ or Tech Cert qualifications,  VTCT will implement a standardised adaptation to reduce the number of assessments within the formative treatment/service portfolios.

VTCT will be looking for learners to continue to meet the range requirements but it may be necessary for this to be through other forms of evidence and not solely practical observation. The purpose of the service portfolios is to prepare learners for the unit graded and so centres still need to ensure that the learners are ready to take the summative assessments. We will publish more information about this in the centre guidance document.

Can learners use other people in their bubble to complete formative assessments?

Yes. They are able to do this anyway, there are no client requirements that prevent this within these qualifications. However, as the situation could change, centres will need to adhere to current UK Government advice on close contact services and public health advice.

If learners are sick, do I need to apply for adaptations?

Where are the latest AM20530 assisgnment briefs?

Can learners do graded assessments and synoptic on clients they know?

VTCT will remove the requirement that exists in some unit graded assessments where learners are required to treat clients who are unknown to them. In accordance with public health guidelines, learners will be able to treat people they have previously treated within the service/treatment portfolios.

Do centre declaration forms need to be completed if there are no adaptations?

There is no requirement for centres to complete any paperwork if centres do not wish to apply for adaptations.

Previously, learners have been disadvantaged as due to safeguarding, we are not permitted to video / watch students from home. How can this be adapted??

VTCT has published a toolkit of adaptations to support centres and learners in increasing the manageability of assessments throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. We recognise the varying needs of our centres and the array of different national/localised lockdowns. A one size fits all approach is not suitable and as such VTCT has identified a toolkit of adaptations.

If there are fewer assignments to complete, how will we know the minimum requirement for each unit?