Hairdressing & Barbering

Qualifications in Hairdressing and Barbering help people get into work with the added opportunity to travel the world or even own their own business.

We are delighted to offer you our latest range of qualifications that our industry experts have developed, including the new technical qualifications, apprenticeships and traineeship programmes for your future hairdressers and barbers to harness their skills.

Our Most Popular Hair and Barbering Qualifications

VTCT Hair and Barbering Collective

The Hair and Barbering Collective aims to bring together centres, leading education figures through to industry influencers, brands and employers all in one online space. We give all our Collective members a voice on key topics and work together to influence positive change.

As leading experts in hair and barbering qualifications VTCT strive to share our knowledge as well as educate and inspire.

We’ve also taken the Collective on tour, with dedicated events around the country.

Find out more about the Hair and Barbering Collective here.