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The Apprentice

Apprenticeship Standard

A New Style of Apprenticeship

You will be creating an excellent foundation for your career.

The Apprenticeship Standard will help you to gain the professional knowledge, skills and behaviour that you will need for your future career. This is a method that involves you learning both in the classroom and on the job, and it may involve a qualification.

We've included a link below that describes the key relationships between the apprentice, the employer and the training provider. Remember, it takes a lot of consistent and dedicated effort to reach the successful completion of an apprenticeship. You will rely on both your training provider and your employer to reach the end. You will work with both of these groups as you prepare for your End-point Assessment.

You will learn both theory and practical knowledge that will create the foundation for your career. It's important to know there are three stages of the Apprenticeship Standard which are known as 1) On-Programme, 2) Gateway and 3) End-point Assessment. Please click on the button below to find out more.